DIY Project: Metallic Painted Ceiling

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DIY Project: Metallic Painted Ceiling

This ceiling treatment is an easy DIY project that adds drama and elegance to any room. We also have the step-by-step instructions for the metallic painted ceiling project that you can download and print.

Skill Level: Novice

Time: 8 to 10 hours

Cost: $150

Tools and Materials

The other colors you see in the photos:

Step 1

Using the painter’s tape, mask off a 6-foot x 6-foot area on your ceiling, and cover the ceiling light fixture. Make sure your ladder is on steady ground and do not over-reach.

DIY Project: Taping the Ceiling for the Metallic Painted Ceiling

Step 2

Cover your furniture and carpet with a drop cloth.

DIY Project: Cover Furniture Before Starting the Metallic Painted Ceiling Project

Step 3

Paint the area with the primer.

After you are done priming, clean the roller thoroughly, and wait at least two hours before you begin painting.

DIY Project: Applying Primer for the Metallic Painted Ceiling

Step 4

Paint the square with the metallic paint using a roller. Wait four hours, and apply a second coat.

DIY Project: Painting the Ceiling with Metallic Paint

Step 5

Once the second coat has been applied, remove the painter’s tape at a 45-degree angle. Touch up around the edges if necessary.

DIY Project: Removing Painter's Tape from the Metallic Painted Ceiling

Step 6

Measure each side of the ceiling area you painted, and mark that measurement on each piece of moulding.

Make sure to leave equal excess on each end to accommodate the angle.

Using the marks as a guide, cut each end at a 45-degree angle. In order for the pieces to fit together properly, cut each end in opposing directions like this: / .

DIY Project: Cutting Moulding for the Metallic Painted Ceiling

Step 7

Using the construction adhesive, glue the moulding, in a square, to the ceiling.

DIY Project: Appying Moulding the the Metallic Painted Ceiling

Step 8

Step back and admire your work.

DIY Project: Metallic Painted Ceiling

 Download printable instructions for this  metallic painted ceiling DIY project and get started!

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