Best Of Man Caves Roundup

Article Posted By: Jae Warren

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Man Caves Roundup: Image of the Operation Man Cave at Decorex Design Winner 2012

Image via Aidan Bennetts

We began this series of Man Cave columns looking at spaces created by famous men from history and how each reflected the unique passions and interests of the inhabitants. Let’s fast-forward and bring you a roundup of some current Best-in-Class man caves.

The Operation Man Cave winner at South Africa’s 2012 Decorex Design Show shown above starts off our roundup appropriately enough because it is not an actual space at all. Designer Aidan Bennetts created this room concept according to the man cave specification of brothers Bobby and Dan Skinstad, a former international rugby team captain and a professional adventurerer, respecitively. It doesn’t get any manlier than that.

There’s no description of this imaginary room available that we could find, but we can immediately identify some of the basics of a good man space: comfortable seating, entertainment and a place to put a cold drink.

Man Caves Roundup: Image of a retro-futuristic man cave.

Image via HGTV

This retro-futuristic space is the hangout of a true sci-fi enthusiast — it even has a view of the launching site of the U.S. Space Shuttle missions. The repurposed industrial parts and corrugated sheet metal wall paneling are also a shining example of man cave-approved decor. (This isn’t the first time we’ve written here on the Apron about using corrugated metal as a wall treatment, by the way. And we answer questions about how to install corrugated metal walls on our online Community Forums.)

Man Caves Roundup: Image of a gangster-themed man cave

Image via DIY Network

This space is obviously gangsta, with its custom wallpaper, photos of infamous mobsters, black leather sofa and mahogany-trimmed bar. What we can’t show you, unfortunately, is the ridiculously cool pellet gun shooting range the folks at Man Caves on DIY Network hooked this would-be wise guy up with.

Less apparent, however, are some of the architectural details that really make this room: the thick crown moulding that gives the space a larger presence; chair rail and shadow boxes that add depth and character; and black lacquered ceiling tiles. Forgetaboutit.

Man Caves Roundup: A home theater made to look like the interior of a cave

via gizmag

We included this one above just for fans of the popular Batman movie franchise. This award-winning Australian man cave installation is located in a super secret basement location accessible only via a remote-controlled pneumatic sliding door. Let that sink in for a moment … it has a remote-controlled pneumatic sliding door. That sends the cool quotient off the scale.

Man Caves Roundup: Image of a fanatical college football themed man cave

Image via Electronic House

Game on. This sports theme man cave is all Florida Gator, from its faux alligator textured chair and carpeting to the priceless championship memorabilia, including one of the helmets worn by Florida Gator Emmitt Smith during the game he broke the NFL’s single season rushing record. The home theater set-up sports a 110-inch screen illuminated by a 1080p DLP projector along with three separate 32-inch LCD TVs for complete game day coverage. Ready for some football?

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