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Article Posted By: Jae Warren

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Images of Baths In Citrus Hues

Images via Desire To Inspire

It may seem to you that lately everyone has gone cuckoo for color, shouting all at once to pop, splash and punch it up in every conceivable space in your home. And, we know many of you are tempted to answer the call, but can’t quite commit to taking that bold step in one of the primary living spaces in your home. Well – maybe it’s time to think about bathroom colors that will give your functional bath some extra flavor.

There’s probably no better place in the house to try something colorful.  For such a small space, you can get away with using amazingly bold colors and patterns that will make your bath truly unique. Whether you decide to go with paint or wallpaper in citrus hues or some other bold shade, we’d like to add our voice to the chorus of the color-crazed with some intriguing examples of our own.

Image of a red vintage-inspired bathroom

Image via HouseBeautiful

For traditional elegance with a hint of drama, give your bathroom the royal treatment with red striped wallpaper, vintage accent lighting and antique mirrors.

After scouring the Internet and magazines for inspiration, the owners of this 1930s cottage settled on a flea market meets industrial theme with a beachy feel. We couldn’t decide which we loved more – the turquoise beadboard accent wall, the wooden lockers and showers sign or the classic black and white floor tiles.

Image of a Colorful Art Deco Bathroom

Image via Digs Digs

Nothing says colorful like a mashup of Art Deco and and Abstract Geometric influences. And for such a modern bath, you’d definitely want to go with a sleek vessel sink.

Image of an antique clawfoot tub painted lime green

Image via Design Sponge

And yes, a brilliant pop of color in an unlikely place in the bathroom is enough to stop almost anyone in their tracks, particularly when it’s surrounded in gleaming white subway punctuated by gray grout.

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