Dana of House*Tweaking

Dana of House*Tweaking

Somewhere between updating her starter Cape Cod (their first home) and de-buildering their boring builder basic (their second home), Dana of House*Tweaking discovered a passion for interior design, styling & photography. Her husband, Steve, an engineer by trade, became really good at using power tools. They fell in love with all things house and home.

Then they did the unthinkable. They ditched their McMansion in exchange for a smaller, dilapidated 1950’s ranch complete with termite trails in the original shag carpeting, deeming it “The Underdog.” They spent the next three years tearing down walls, vaulting ceilings, laying wood floors, installing a kitchen, updating bathrooms, painting, organizing and decorating. Since downsizing they’ve come to value right-sized living, less > more, quality > quantity and experiences > things.

On House*Tweaking, you will find in-depth coverage of Dana’s extensive renovation along with tidbits of family life, interior design ideas, DIYs and whatever else is inspiring her at the moment.

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